4 March, 2009

My prize has arrived!



When I got home there was a cow-patterned coolerbag waiting for me. The coolerbag was packed with Ben&Jerry’s-themed fridgemagnets, hats, tshirts*, keyrings, spoons, aprons, icecreamtub jackets… and a big wodge of vouchers: 28x tubs of Ben&Jerry’s (any flavour), 6x Chocolate Macademia tubs, 6x Solero multipacks, 6x Brunch** icecream boxes and 4x €10 of other HB icecream.

That’s a lot of icecream.

That’s over 27 litres of icecream.

Mmm icecream 😀 😀 😀

Ok, who wants icecream?

* approximately twice the size of me. I hope that’s not a prediction…

** “brunch”? Well, who am I to argue?



  1. The ultimate reason not to go vegan for lent has arrived 😀

  2. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  3. That, that is… words fail.

    Awesome 😀

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