25 March, 2009

I received a belated Christmas present from Ax’n’Charlotte. It’s a thoughtful gift in three ways:

  1. It’s a rain detector. The rainy season can’t be far away, after all 😦
  2. In keeping with Resolution 2, it comes in kit form.
  3. To make life a little more interesting, they took out the English instructions, leaving me with only the Greek version:


Preemptive Terrible Dad Joke: yes, Dad, it’s all Greek to me too… 😉



  1. buh boom, ting 😉

  2. You could try drinking lots of Metaxa before you start assembly. It still might not work but at least you’ll feel more relaxed about the failure! The good news is that the Greek for Omega is…….

  3. […] a half-translated rain detector […]

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