25 March, 2009

I have been rumbled. There is, apparently, an inverse correlation between words blogged and plots schemed. Pictures don’t count (despite the oft-quoted ISO standard picture/word exchange rate).

I will now attempt to distract you all with this turtle I saw in the car park:

This car park was a beach, once...

This car park was a beach, once...

… no?

Fine. Things I have been doing:

  • Plotting a jamjar-and-seaglass-and-light make, but being foiled by Maplin and their policy of stocking everything I need except the LEDs. See, can’t blog it ’cause it’s not finished.
  • Trying out a very gentle polyphasic sleep pattern. More of a siesta++, really; a useful compromise between Normal Person Sleep™ and Typical Becky Sleep™. I have discovered that it’s much less painful to get up at 7am if you know you get to go back to sleep in a few hours 😉 I wish I’d thought of that before. (Get up at 7am, take a 20min nap at 1ish and another at 7ish, geek out until tired, repeat.)
  • Taking part one of a digital photography course. Now I have camera envy; £80 doesn’t get you light metering, aperture or shutter speed control, TIFF, high and low ISO settings… but still, I think I can eke some better results from my camera with what I have learned. I have an assignment to do and many projects in mind. Again, can’t blog it ’cause it ain’t done yet.
  • Recovering from the, uh, raptor attack.
  • Puzzling over how I came to own quite such a large hoard of used Jiffy bags in such a short space of time. I think this madness is inherited…


  1. Pretty turtle… 😀 *claps hands maniacally, not unlike a delighted two year old*

    • It worked! 😀

  2. family hierlooms? 😉

  3. maplin says the LEDS are in stock. are they liars?

    • The stock is a lie…

  4. did they pave paradise and out up a parking lot? poor turtle…

  5. You don’t know you’ve got the LEDs ’til they’re gone?

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  7. […] know,” I thought to myself, “this would be a great time to finish that seaglass lamp project I started in 2009.” Prototype, […]

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