Not plotting. Honest.

1 April, 2009

Hmm. I had better blog before I am accused of plotting again. The reality is rather more boring (coursework), punctuated with:

  • A strange night out in Dublin, in which one of Rani’s friends asked for verbal abuse in an English accent (not really my style, but I lightly mocked his Creme Egg).
  • A lecture and a meeting in UL.
  • Being persuaded that, on the rare occasions when it stops raining, Limerick can actually be quite pleasant.
  • And also that the Living Bridge is really quite alarmingly wobbly.
  • Part two of the photography workshop: lighting, scale, framing, and confusing tractor drivers.
  • A rapid reversion to getting up early in the afternoon. Getting up when it’s tketi is no substitute for being wide awake when it’s ulumbu. Mornings? Pah. You can keep ’em.
  • An ongoing failure to acquire any LEDs.


  1. “Quite pleasant”? That could be the nicest thing yet written about Limerick! If the phone rings, it’ll be the tourist board asking for a quote 😛

    As of last night, that forecast was roughly as follows: Sunny; Rain; Rain; Showers; Drizzle; Rain; Rain; Showers; Rain; Drizzle.

    So far it’s 100% accurate :/

  2. […] attentive amongst you will notice that this was not my first visit to Limerick, but for Project purposes it doesn’t count without a […]

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