Grey Bray day

5 April, 2009

Chromasia, along with some very awesome photos, provides a free tutorial on the use of the Curves tool to alter the tonal range of an image. It uses Photoshop but the GIMP has a similar tool.

My housemates and I went to Bray. I took some photos, but it was a grey and gloomy day. So, here goes:

Grey, grey, grey

Original image

Yeah, it was a beautiful day...

Tonal range gently altered

Meh, go with it...

Getting carried away

With apologies to Gemma, who does this kind of thing much better



  1. hehehehe

    I love it. 🙂

    Nice job on the curves, unfortunatly even they are no substitute for a truely sunny day although they help alot. Quite a few of my paintings have started out as dull images curved.

  2. Could photoshop technology be applied to the UK’s weather stations to make it appear sunny all the time?
    <stares longingly out of the window at the grey sky>

    • Maybe it could be applied to the windows… but then you have the worst of all worlds, it’s only sunny when you’re stuck indoors 😦

  3. Presumably the third picture is a result of the nuclear power station down the coast having a really bad day…

  4. Alternatively, picture no. 3 shows what Bray would look like through the eyes of Fr. Jack Hackett after drinking half a bottle of Harpic 🙂

  5. *looks out window at grey… and sighs*

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