14 April, 2009

Resolution One has taken a sudden leap forward. The Pomodoro Technique, like all the best tools, is nice and simple: you need a pen and paper to make a tally, and a timer (traditionally a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, but a software version suffices). You work for 25 minutes (no distractions or excuses allowed), and then take a break for five (no work allowed).

I am generally a big fan of mental free-association (and of the breakpoints provided by The Game) but when I need to work it’s a tangentmongering hindrance. The similarity to meditation is startling. There you are, intending to work, and suddenly instead you are thinking about lobsters* or whatever, and you don’t even know why. 25 minutes is short enough that you don’t mind putting the tangents to one side, but long enough to get something useful done.

Also: five minutes to take a break, five minutes to make a Dangerous Cake… coincidence?

*don’t ask



  1. ooh, liking the sound of that idea 🙂

    and I just lost the game dammit!

    • *resigned sigh*

      Oh, please don’t make that link, I don’t need to be losing every 25 minutes…

      Yeah, it works very well. Virtual pair pomodoring over Skype is also surprisingly effective 😀

      • Actually, that was you 😉
        “(and of the breakpoints provided by The Game)”

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