Happy Cake Day!

30 April, 2009

Last weekend I went to Abi’s for her 23rd* birthday.

Abi baked. There was a nation of gingerbread people. There were brownies. There was cake.

Abi’s scary arty friends arrived. There was cake.

Also, Telegraph Hill geocache fail :(

Outdoor Cake

Ross arrived. There was cake. (There is often cake when Ross is about.)

<salutes Ross, Bringer Of Cake>

On-fire Cake

We went to a club. Not just any club, but Feeling Gloomy Bob Dylan Night. Once the harmonicas stopped I was surprised to discover I was having a good time. There was cake.

I was sure *this* cake would be a lie. I was wrong.

Gloomy Cake

I learned that a diet consisting entirely of cake will give you a cake headache.

Ow headache.

*says so on Facebook so it must be true



  1. Scary Arty Friends?? Scary. Lies, not scary

  2. You know what? There is *STILL* cake.

  3. It certainly seemed a happy cake day 🙂

    Oh, there is still some left, i hope it all still tastes nice 🙂

    In some circles i seem to be know as the cake man, but it’s good to share 🙂

  4. Mm… cake. The cake is still good. It is a remarkably exciting breakfast food 😀

    Actually, it’s sort of lunchtime. I’m going to have some cake.

    Maybe you need to work on raising your cake-tolerance to avoid future cake headaches? (cakeaches…?)

  5. caches? (pronounced k-aches (cakes) rather than cashes or caishes)

    curse the english language and its inconsistant pronounciation rules :S

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