Fish don’t live in trees

6 May, 2009

I went geocaching on Bredon Hill with my parents. There should have been two caches en-route to the Elephant Rock, but we could only find one. I plead lack of tech (and also note that on the Hill, just about everywhere is  ‘north west of a hawthorn bush’). The second was hidden in a hollow tree, and I am now the proud owner of a really very ugly plastic fish with a serial number attached. That’s going in a Dublin cache at the earliest opportunity.

Aesthetically pleasing fish fail

Cache win!



  1. What a good hiding plaice!

    • Yeah, difficult to sea, perched in there.

      • Anybody who thinks it’s easy is just codding themselves.

  2. just kinda makes me a little tench.
    can’t we get a pike and ee’l get it down from there.

  3. […] with the bass turned all the way up, a Darwinian, a Swooping Hawk and a Marmite Paddington, a very ugly fish, advice in the form of a bus, a list of meteor showers and a recipe for cake, it doesn’t […]

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