The city lights will never love you back

6 May, 2009

This is what happens when I get bored on an evening train journey.

There's a definite correlation between trying interesting ideas and getting odd looks from total strangers.

Train journey on average

I concede that I appeared to be taking pictures of pitch darkness.

Mysterious shiny thing

The train to Cambridge was pretty smooth but, even with the camera jammed up against the window, not quite smooth enough for long exposure times. These pictures were the best of the bunch.

Also, I claim the yellow smudges as Art™ and not unwanted reflections from the window 😉



  1. I also very much enjoy trying to take photos out of train windows. Pretty lights and whizzy shapes. I am a fan of sunset train journeys, there is something kinda strangely beautiful about railway architecture, industrial estates and fields with trees when they are whipping past in the sundering twilight

  2. I can categorically confirm there is absolutely nothing, at all, beautiful about railway architecture, even at high speed.

    Victorian architecture that happens to be used on the railway is another matter entirely…

  3. Warning! The mysterious shiny thing may be entirely alien and incompatible with carbon-based life forms. Alternatively, it could be Milton Keynes…

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