A heartbeat a year long

28 May, 2009

UCD campus is almost deserted. The undergrads have finished their exams and gone home, leaving behind a small population of staff and postgrads. The passive-aggressive-space-camping battlegrounds are now half-empty car parks. Mad tangles of cables and pedals have transformed into civilised bike racks.

The peace and quiet is rather nice, but shops are low on stock if they are open at all, and the only food available is crisps, chocolate and a motley selection of chicken sandwiches. Time for some new lunch food recipes, some Tubberware* and a dash of organisation:

  • Mediterranean pasta (any excuse for black olives, not to mention cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and pine nuts)
  • Brown rice salad (select * from avocado, walnuts, carrot, sultanas, sunflower seeds…)
  • Egg fried rice (rice and soy! nomnomnom)

Meanwhile, the cherry trees near the lab have disappeared inside the perimeter fence of a building site. I wasn’t expecting to see them again, but Martina tells me they were a gift from the Japanese, so maybe they’ll be built around or moved to safety. Happily, the eucalyptus trees seem to have been spared for now.

* I’m with Ax on this one: a much more descriptive name for the tubmongers, don’t you agree?



  1. Would I be right in thinking that “Tubberware” is a special range of plastic food packaging for the obese..?

    • Surely it’s just a range of… plastic tubs?

  2. It might be more descriptive but I can’t really argue with a set of wares created by a guy named Tupper.
    what Wolfram Alpha has to say about tupperware

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