Territorial kipple

30 May, 2009

Back in October I moved to a new office, only to find that my new desk was dominated by many years’ worth of accumulated junk. On several occasions I almost caved and threw it away, but I was assured that the previous occupant would be back any day now to collect it.

Just as I was concluding that this must be a running joke played on new grad students, Lorna returned to collect the last of her things. The tent has gone! The parcel shelf taken away! The green bag removed! Lorna is actually very nice and not a bodybuilding-psychologist-bdsm-accountant at all. Just goes to show, you can’t judge someone by their kipple*.

* After all, just because someone’s desk has post-its written in lojban, a snowboarding calendar, speakers** with the bass turned all the way up, a Darwinian, a Swooping Hawk and a Marmite Paddington, a very ugly fish, advice in the form of a bus, a list of meteor showers and a recipe for cake, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all.

** Sneakily acquired in the chaos. Volume is inversely proportional to number of labmates working. Late nights at the lab now sound much better 😀


One comment

  1. “it doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all”…
    except in this case 😉

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