Concrete jungle?

2 June, 2009

What is this?

If it had raptors in it... where are they now?

Obviously a polar bear enclosure

In a wooded area near the Veterinary Hospital there are two of these enormous concrete bowls, maybe 5m deep. As far as I can see there’s no way in (or out, if you fell in!) This one has two old and ivy-covered horse chestnut trees growing inside, and a small collection of traditional* dumped rubbish.

Theories so far:

  • A holding pen for unusual animals** being treated at the Veterinary Hospital
  • An emergency reservoir (water fail)
  • Flood-proofing (the boring answer, though floods can be unpleasantly unboring)
  • An unfinished gas storage facility (there’s a Bord Gáis building nearby, with an underground entrance to a tunnel heading towards the bowl)
  • UCD’s top secret raptor cloning facility

* Shopping trolley, mattress, fridge, with bits of a scooter added for variety

** Polar bears, mustelids, etc



  1. Wow did all the skaters die out long ago in Dublin, cause if it wasn’t intended to trap such creatures i’m surprised it’s not being used as such now.

  2. That’s got to be a horse chestnut tree prison for naughty trees.

    Go back in autumn and you’ll have a bowl full o’conkers

  3. […] and it’s the highlight of the run (even better than the beach or the dirt track next to the raptor enclosure). But as I run (shod) up to the track, there’s always this moment of doubt: who else is there […]

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