Lawnmower massacre

5 June, 2009

I have mowed the lawn mangled most of the weeds to roughly the same height.

I hate this chore. Not because it is unpleasantly hard work* (though that doesn’t help), but because I liked the grass much better when it was long.

Sure the bees can find other flowers.

Just weeds

Before I started, you could easily find a dozen different plants in one small patch: grasses, thistles, dandelions, nettles, clover, celandines, ragwort, each with a different approach to survival. It was teeming with life: bees, snails, ants, unknown insects. The grasses waved about in the breeze and reminded me of the fields back home.

Wouldn't a nice lawn look so much better?

More weeds

Then I came along with my nasty plastic mower and decimated the lot. Now it just looks a mess: shredded plants, crushed snails, bees looking for flowers and finding only petals.

I’m sure the neighbours will be relieved and Seamy will say it looks much better. But I’m not convinced.

* Lift mower. Drop mower onto tall weeds. Wait for motor to sound happy again. Repeat. Yes, we have a strimmer, but it didn’t last five minutes against this lot.


  1. I agree. I like my nature wild and untamed. Mown lawns are for golf courses and other sporting events that require closely cropped grass. Persuade Seamus to get some kind of grass chewing animal.

    We have a petrol mower older than me I think that does a really good job of herbicide but its a beast and my garden has a mid length incline. A mowing challenge for my weak underpowered arms.

  2. Petrol Mowers Rock! 😀
    We got one for the uncontrolably slanty and mossy backgarden… and its a mission, but it decimates all… or did until I managed to break the wheel last weekend :$… now its even more effort

  3. Man, Gemma is so right! Get a small goat! 😀

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