Cruelty to graphs

12 June, 2009

When I first put on my box-fresh trainers and went for a run, I was surprised to find I could run for about 20 minutes.

Plenty of mud later, I’m still running… for about 20 minutes. This is all very well, but it doesn’t help me with my aim of running to (and along) the beach.

So I did some refactoring, and then I made a plan in graph form. And then I went out… and ran for half an hour. Naturally, I am very disappointed. Look what’s happened to my lovely graph!

Must try harder.

So much for plans.



  1. I am sorry for your graph. But happy for your general health and wellbeing!

    • Update: my trainers are now full of sand. Yay!

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  3. […] three laps (1200m) running barefoot, and it’s the highlight of the run (even better than the beach or the dirt track next to the raptor enclosure). But as I run (shod) up to the track, there’s […]

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