Pirates have more fun

18 June, 2009

Dublin City Council said: “Dublin City Cycle! To celebrate “Bike to Work Day” join other commuters for a leisurely ride through the streets of Georgian Dublin in a car-free environment.”

Charlie said: “Pirate flags!”

Ahoy there, me hearties!

Charlie, me, Dav*

FAQ: “Why do you have pirate flags on your bikes?”

A: “For the craic!”

So many bikes :)

So many bikes 🙂 **

The ride was a lot of fun. I wasn’t quite expecting the attention the pirate flags would draw; weird bikes were sadly underrepresented, so we got a lot of photographs and surprised reactions. Hehehe.

* image plundered from blorg1

** image looted from Dónal



  1. […] the City Cycle, Charlie and I went for pizza in Dun Laoghaire* and cycled back looking at the pretty lights: […]

  2. Now there’s a coincidence – we went to see a film about pirates last night.
    Good fun – especially if you were there in the 60’s. I think I was, but I can’t quite remember….

    Love the flags. Used to have a 12 foot tank aerial attached to my bike – until I made the mistake of riding into an underground car park!

    • Dare I ask what you were doing with a 12 foot tank aerial?

  3. Fell off the back of a tank…

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