What rhymes with ‘pig’?

29 June, 2009

Last week I went to Limerick for a conference on the psychology of programming. This is not exactly my topic, but interesting nonetheless and well worth the trip from Dublin (even if it did involve getting up at quarter past awful).

It’s a small and friendly conference, with much banter and tangentmongering, and in honour of the location there was a limerick competition with a hideous toy pig as the prize. So, with a little help from Howell, I submitted my efforts:

On search-based software engineering:

I was given this tool by my teacher
To refactor my code, so it's neater
My code I uploaded
Computer exploded
That's not a bug, it's a feature


I travelled on buses and trains
To PPIG to talk about brains
And coding and pairing
And teaching and sharing
And code that is hard to maintain

At the conference (my very first)
Found the speakers were speaking in verse
And to my surprise
A pig was the prize
Is this normal, or quite the converse?

As a result of the second poem, I now own a hideous pig. I’d like to thank the Academy…



  1. […] attentive amongst you will notice that this was not my first visit to Limerick, but for Project purposes it doesn’t count without a […]

  2. Wow. That truly is awful. And… it even makes noise. I mean… wow. Whole new levels 😉

  3. […] what’s your PhD about? First I was happily unsure. Then I was more sure and less happy. Then there was a fit of gloom and despair. This sort of thing […]

  4. […] get me wrong: PPIG is fun. Once again, I met (or re-met) a great bunch of tangentmongers, got friendly advice on my PhD, and for the […]

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