16 July, 2009

10,000 hits! Thanks for reading 😀

I shall mark this with a metablog. Here’s a summary of the statistics since I started back in August:

Most popular posts:

  1. the one about Skycon
  2. the one about geocaching
  3. the one where I was attacked by a velociraptor

Most boring posts:

  1. one of many about the game chart (humph, that was science, that was)
  2. the one about shopping (I concur)
  3. the one about GameSoc’s party (there was beer and pizza and geekery, what’s not to like?)

Top search terms*:

  1. ‘eirebecky’ and ’tis a grand blog’. I guess some of you don’t believe in bookmarks 😉
  2. ‘randall munroe skycon’ and variations on that theme. Popular guy, that Randall.
  3. ‘game chart’. See, you do care really. Either that or people wanted to know whether Mr Taylor’s album was still in the Top 40.

Weirdest search terms:

  1. ‘free stuff’. Sorry, no free stuff here.
  2. ‘secret lives of accountants’. Have I uncovered a worrying trend?
  3. ‘is tis a word’? Er, ’tis!

Most popular links:

  1. a picture of Randall
  2. a picture of cake
  3. a screenshot of Multiwinia running in WINE

There are also some side effects to writing a blog. One of the oddest is that on occasion I will write about X and then a few days later someone will start talking to me about X as if continuing a conversation that we never actually had. Weird, but I rather like it.

* That is, Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc search terms that led people to my blog. Some of them I was unable to reproduce, which is rather mysterious.

One comment

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