Hairy Prawns

24 July, 2009

EDIT: hello, people From The Internet who got here by searching for “hairy prawns“. I feel I should point out that, although Google considers me the third-ranking world authority on the matter, I’ve never actually tried them, and probably can’t help you with whatever it was that you wanted to know about them. Sorry.

This week four of us went to YO! Sushi to celebrate Charlie’s birthday*.

What happens is this: you sit down and everything is explained to you in a strong Japanese accent, leaving you not much wiser. Bewildered, you investigate the table:

There is water and fizzy water on tap.

There is the usual sushi paraphernalia: soy, wasabi, ginger, bowls and chopsticks.

There is a big red button. If you press the button, there is an ’emergency! emergency!’ noise and a waitress appears very quickly in order to a) stop the terrible noise and b) see what you wanted.

There is a conveyor belt going past your table. On the belt, in dishes colour-coded for price, are tasty pieces of sushi and dessert. Cue lots of “hey, has anyone seen a Spicy Chicken Katsu going past?” and “is that avocado, asparagus or cucumber… oh never mind, it’s gone”** and “can you grab me that blue one?” “which one?” “that one!” “this one?” “nonono, the next one!” *yoink* “ta”*** and “what is that?” “I have no idea, but it’s awesome”.

Nom nom nom… 😀

* #happy birthday to you# etc 😉

** If you are not an expert at telling the difference between finely cut bits of fish and finely cut bits of unfamiliar Japanese vegetables in the short time before the dish sails past, grabbing vegetarian food is something of a gamble. Sure, you can always order exactly what you want, but that takes all the fun out of it 😉

*** This is an excellent match with the “while(hungry) eat();” style of feeding yourself; you don’t end up hungry or with the plate-not-cleared guilt. I approve, and wonder what else it could be applied to…



  1. http://www.videosift.com/video/Another-video-camera-on-conveyor-belt-at-sushi-restaurant
    (it also seems you need referrer logging to post replies)

  2. Mmm… sushi. I often think actually knowing what you’re eating before you pop it in your mouth is cheating at YO!Sushi… 😀

  3. Good Lord! This post has reminded me I’ve not had sushi for two weeks! I blame the prevalence of african food…

    You should know what you’re eating Abi! They only have about 6 things on the conveyor belt, though one is tuna and another is tofu so it’s all good.

    I’m also glad to see at least one YoSushi has an alarm to go with a meager flashing light.

  4. […] ‘hairy prawns’. Yes, I am still the third-ranking world authority on hairy prawns according to Google. No, I still haven’t tried them. […]

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