Fire and Sharp Things

2 August, 2009

Jess: “Hey, my dad is running a medieval target tournament, want to play?”

Becky and Charlie: “Sure, why not?”

Y'know, I could get into this.

The n00bs learn to shoot

Named for Bertie Ahern, the previous Taoiseach

Mircat removes spears from Bertie


Con axe-throwing

No, it's Charlie getting into the spirit of things.

Is it a terrifying warrior? Is it an angry Womble?

Is there *anything* duct tape can't fix?

After carefully repairing and waterproofing the tent on the left, we slept instead in the tent in the middle.


Jess and Stephen

Mmm mead...

Campfire storytelling, shortly before the rain set in...

The rest of Charlie’s photos are on Flickr.

  • The tournament (shooting, thowing axes, throwing spears) was won (by one point) by Jess’s brother Tom.
  • Thanks to Niamh for all the cooking!
  • Sadly, there seem to be no photos of Charlie spinning fire poi. It was awesome.


  1. One word.. Awesome!

  2. Also having looked through Charlies Pics on Flickr, there are some pretty amazing shots. Got to love the one of you with that axe and it looks like you’ve a pretty near perfect stance with that bow at full draw. Bloody naturals.

    • All credit to Mircat’s teaching đŸ™‚

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