Renting: a retrospective

26 August, 2009

Due to certain incompatibilities*, I’m moving house this week.

This will be the 11th place I’ve lived since I left home. Good or bad (and it’s been lots of good), they all teach you something. In a rough order, then:

  • 3am fire drills are not fun.
  • Frozen chicken is stronger than glass.
  • If an angry mob turns up at your door one night, don’t let them in.
  • Landlords will not give you any money unless you have it in writing that they will.
  • Slugs cannot be dyed blue.
  • Honeysuckle grows back.
  • All Turkish food involves yoghurt.
  • The right album can rescue you from the depths of despair.
  • Putting foil behind the radiators does not make the slightest bit of difference to the temperature of your house (however, it doesn’t matter if nothing works, as long as your housemate is awesome.)
  • I am not a dog person.

* Prudence



  1. That radiator thing… proof that not everything on the internet is Fact.

  2. […] moving house, again. Not because we wanted to, particularly, but because our landlord has gone bankrupt and […]

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