Serious Lack of Competence

27 August, 2009

Like many a British graduate, I am slowly repaying* a student loan from the delightful Student Loans Company.

On August 4th, the SLC sent me a sarky letter saying: you didn’t fill out The Form, and now we are going to charge you £246.00 a month in repayments. Ner ner ner-ner ner.

On August 5th, the SLC sent me a polite letter saying: here’s the Overseas Income Assessment form for you to fill in.


* not as fast as the interest is accumulating, but it’s the thought that counts, right? 😉



  1. I am yet to pay any back. It just keeps getting bigger. I’m thinking of hosting an annual ‘SLC Statement’ party. There will be balloons. Paid for with the money they haven’t recouped.

    Would like to point out to the wider internetted world that I haven’t paid any back due to low income, not due to some cunning evasion.

    • Hehehe. ‘Annual’, though? That’s a little optimistic…

      I’ve just spent all morning hacking into my own SLC account only to discover that the promised link allowing me to a) complain about the above and b) complain about their complaints procedure is nowhere to be found. I bet they have a glowing happy-customer record.

  2. First financial year after I graduated I paid off a grand total of £7 after taking interest into account (and that year even included 6 months working in a proper job).

    Second financial year I received an identical end of year statement (down to the dates and everything). I think they are annoyed I am starting to pay it in more significant amounts and so are attempting to hide the scale of said repayments from me. It’s all a conspiracy I say…

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