Dún Laoghaire Blues

31 August, 2009

My parents came for a holiday in Ireland, and after sampling the delights of Kerry they returned to Dublin. Now, on the rare occasions when my parents are not listening to jazz, they are probably listening to blues. So naturally, after mooching around this year’s Festival of World Culture*, we gravitated to a venue overlooking the harbour where a blues band was playing.

The band finished their set and packed up, and eventually even their unstoppable pianist (one Paul Miller) had had enough.

And then this happened:

Yep, that’s my mum**. 😀

Sadly, she had to turn down their invitation to play in their local on Saturdays, on the grounds of living 350 miles away. 😐

* somehow not as good as last year.

** apologies for the terrible video quality; I assure you that it is indeed my mum.



  1. You’re mum rocks 😀
    ( or whatever the alternative verb is for playing the blues 😉 )

  2. Fantastic!

    Dammit though, wish I’d offered jam instead of tea 😉

  3. Wow!

    That is all.

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