Academic heartbeat

6 September, 2009

Well, it’s that time of year again.

The leaves are turning, there’s an autumnal mist* about the place, and the undergrads are back with sharp pencils and probably swine flu. I have the new-academic-year-enthusiasm, and I have also moved house, and everything feels right with the world.

Though I brought some** kitchenstuff back with me, I find myself once again risking trenchfoot in an attempt to populate my house with all the things I need.

I also have to register for the 09/10 Academic Year. I need to register so that I can pay my fees so that I can register so that I can get a student card so that I can get internet access in my house. Ahh, deja vu.

* rain

** I could stir-fry some pasta in a wok using an icecream scoop and eat it with chopsticks, but even I think that’s a little weird.



  1. Only students are allowed internet…? *clicks link to refresh memory on the last academic year/house move’s trials*

    I can totally see you stir frying pasta with an icecream scoop. I suspect picking the cooked pasta up with the chopsticks might be challenging, but if anyone can do it you can.

    Do your icecream sponsors do a flavour that would offer suitable pasta sauce when melted down? Tenuous links my friend… just like sweet ‘n’ sour bubble ‘n’ squeak… xx

    • Mmm, I should cook that again… though I don’t quite remember how we got to that point…

  2. ** == Do I detect a Black Books reference? 😉 “Right now I’m eating scrambled egg with a comb out of a shoe!”

    • Hey, I’m not a filthwizard! 😉

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