Are you ready for your Treatment?

2 October, 2009

Sunday brought another day relaxing in the spa. It also brought Treatments*.

They give you a back massage, and then a manicure, both very pleasant. It’s quite dark in the treatment rooms, and the floaty music gently hypnotises you, and so to be suddenly attacked by an amorous facehugger that has discovered foreplay is quite alarming. The panic subsided when I remembered that Treatment 3 was a face massage.

I think it was nice. I’m just not sure…

*”Treatments”? But I’m not dead! I feel fine!


  1. Warning to readers of a nervous disposition. Do not follow the facehuggers link unless you are an Aliens fan.

  2. you tell me that now?? I have already followed that link and it led me to wikipedia! Not only is that article amazingly complex and informational (it actually reads like a biology article) but I ended up link following to all sorts of related grim stuff.

  3. […] for the venue… well, it was a spa. So there was floaty hypnotic music, and everything was beige, and after a few hours your brain turns to beige mush. I’m told […]

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