Running interference

2 October, 2009

Axlet got married a couple of weeks back. It’s about time I blogged this, eh?

Abi, Charlotte’s maid-of-honour, lives in London*, so I flew in on Thursday to meet her. There was a lot of tea, some gentle panicking and some last-minute shopping.

Charlotte, being a sophisticated sort of person, had specified ‘no public humiliation’ for her hen do, and Abi was pretty sure she wouldn’t be impressed with a night out in her hometown of Reading. So on Friday evening we met up with bridesmaid Jane and a bunch of other friends for some drinks in a Reading pub, and Charlotte was kitted out with the tacky-yet-traditional L-plates, sash, veil with horns and plastic wand. She put on a brave face in the circumstances 🙂

* filthy, unfriendly, crowded, bewildering and unsmiling**, but it has this going for it: everybody looks different. The homogeneous UCD campus population was starting to bother me…

** er, yeah, I’m not a big fan of the place.


One comment

  1. Ooooh yeah, badass pith helmet anti-herbal tea rap. Even if acorn coloured tea is wrong.

    Also, am I going to the same London as everyone else? I’ve found most folks amiable and significantly less likely to stab you than in, say, Derby or Portsmouth which are also filthy, unfriendly, crowded and unsmiling…

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