Mr and Mrs Axlet

4 October, 2009

Strange how the universe works. It has taken my friends from a chance meeting at Abi’s New Year party, to waking up today…

But, seriously, what time do you call this??

Today is a good day to get married.

The morning disappeared in a blurry haze of hairdressing, champagne, nailpainting, minor logistics, makeup, dresses, shoes and Jimmy Eat World. The months of planning paid off well; panic was minimal and there was even time for the photographer to take some pictures before the ceremony.

Say cheese...

Nearly ready

The actual wedding I have no pictures of. This is because I was a) holding a bouquet b) not in a good place to take photos c) trying not to cry d) failing at c. Suffice to say that nobody knew of any cause or just impediment, and vows were made, and rings were exchanged, and the Star Wars theme was played. Also that, under pressure, nobody really knows their left from right 😉

Made Of Awesome™


There was food, and there were speeches. The now legendary Frozen Chicken Incident was recounted. A photo of Ax in full Rocky Horror drag was presented as evidence. Gifts were presented (including a homemade chocolate brownie) and thanks were made to everyone involved (which is a lot of people, when you come to think of it).

With Lego on. Oh yes.

Then there was cake.

We witnessed the beginning of a new 21st century wedding tradition: the First Rock Band.


Definitely a high five moment.

Followed, in deference to tradition, by the First Dance. At which the DJ accidentally* played the wrong thing. I mean, what a mistake to make… 😀

Eventually Ax persuaded the DJ that, no, seriously, this crowd likes to ROCK \m/ and the celebrations ended in style 😀 Congratulations, guys, and may you have a long, geeky, happy life together.

* It’s possible that Charlotte had a hand in this


One comment

  1. Congratulations to everyone who made it such a special day. Even the Lego figures looked the part!

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