6 October, 2009

After the wedding I discovered 46 hairpins in my hair. Not only is that an excessive amount of metal in my head (leading to accusations of cyborgism), the other bridesmaids had more: Abi, with 54, beating Jane with 52.

Axlet gave me a most excellent necklace made of science. Thank you!

We left the newlyweds at the venue, surrounded by Rock Band components and heaps of rose petals.

So… they’re married. And they have a mortgage. That’s a worrying percentage of my friends turned into grownups (you know who you are…). How did that happen? Am I supposed to be doing that, too? I, er, kind of like being a student…



  1. I refer you to the great Frank Turner…

    I hope his wisdom is insightful 😉

    • Hehe, thanks. I’m not really a fan of aul’ Frank, but I agree with the sentiment 😉

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