The Treasure Hunt of Awesome, part 2

22 October, 2009

I navigated to the coordinates on time, and found Charlie relaxing on a bench, admiring the view and looking smug. I took my shiny new wherebox (thanks Mum and Dad!) and went to the exact spot expecting to find something. Nothing to be seen; just sand, grass, rocks, the beach…

By this time I’d figured out the other two clues. The man from Bologna is Marconi, the radio technology pioneer. And as all gamers know, the cake is a lie, and pie is like cake, and pi is like pie, so 30.04 x 3.14159 ± 0.2 = about 94.3. I asked Charlie for a radio, which he just happened to have in his bag, and tuned it around 94.3MHz.

Football. News. Static. Morse code. Music.

… wait, what? Morse code?? 😀

Try New Stuff™: I’d never tried to transcribe Morse* before. It is surprisingly hard to connect your ears straight through your brain to your pen, but the message was short and repeating: “LOW AT 53.345745 N 6.227552 W”.

Probably hardly illegal at all.

Charlie and the REDACTED**

Well, I know what to do with that. Wherebox taped to bike and off we go.

I'm sure there are proper holders available, but geeks on a mission use what they have to hand.


* Disclaimer: I know maybe six letters in Morse; for the rest we resorted to the Internet which Charlie is rarely without. The way the numbers are coded is particularly pleasing 🙂

** The source of the transmissions, hidden in a bush. So named because Charlie was complaining all week about how much trouble he was having building it without telling me what it was. These coordinates are now known as Redacted Corner in honour of the effort spent on it 🙂



  1. Truly awesome! Obviously the bush telegraph is alive and well and living in Dublin —.. —..

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