The Treasure Hunt of Awesome, part 3

23 October, 2009

Two miles of arrow-following later, we reached the Liffey and the wherebox pointed straight across it. We took a nearby bridge to the other side, but by the end of the bridge the arrow was pointing back again.

Back across the bridge…

Back across the bridge with the metal railings…

… with a little metal box stuck underneath with magnets. Ha!

21 hours and counting...

"Welcome to Dublin"?

Er, now what? I feel like I’m in a film. There must be loads of places in Dublin that have left-luggage services. Ferry, airport, bus station, all the train and Dart stations, even the cloakrooms of the nearby O2…

My plan, it works! Bwaahaahaa!

Not giving anything away.

Well, the airport is miles away, the O2 looks distinctly closed and the ferry port is not an inviting place by bike. Pausing only for some German food*, we cycled into the centre to try the bus and train stations. Along the way I was wondering how, exactly, I could ask the staff whether my ticket was from their system without looking extremely suspicious. Ah well, guess I’ll figure it out when I get there…

We reached the busáras first. It had card-operated left-luggage lockers. Good. And locker 04-10 was in use. This looked promising. One unintentional subchallenge** later, I had the locker open and the treasure hunt ended with my birthday presents:

  • one of these for taking anything to pieces
  • a box of something like these for nerdcave special effects
  • and a bunch of these, because against all the odds I actually really like them***.

So there you go: a 22-hour, deliciously geeky birthday treasure hunt perpetrated by a (deservedly****) smug-looking Charlie. I’m not sure which was my favourite part: melting the polymorph was fun, picking up Morse at Redacted Corner was awesome, and it’s not every day you set out on a mission with a luggage ticket you found in a tin. I’m still grinning thinking about it 😀

* bleergh

** The tiny magnets in the tin are terrifyingly strong and do cruel and unusual things to magnetic-strip locker cards. This resulted in an unintentional subchallenge of trying to get the mangled ticket back off the not-too-bright security guard in the lobby to give to the porter down by the lockers to convince him to unlock the locker with his keys. Who said video games don’t prepare you for real life?

*** It’s a small sacrifice of the reproductive parts of some plants. It doesn’t make much sense. But maybe not everything has to make sense… 🙂

**** The treasure hunt, the gifts and the time and effort spent on setting it all up. Charlie is officially Made Of Awesome™*****.

***** You could argue that the word ‘awesome’ has been overused of late. I’d say not.



  1. Wonderful! Sounds like cross between “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Da Vinci Code” (but much more eco-friendly!). We thoroughly endorse your **** comment.

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