… braaaaains?

3 November, 2009

Ah, social networking. In amongst the inanity, the didn’t-want-to-know and the I-just-got-three-gazillion-points-in-My-Cutesy-Farm, there is the occasional gem*:

I have no idea who darraghf is.

Twitter has its uses.

With only a few days to prepare, Charlie and I set to work:

This is going to get messy.

Step 1: gather your materials

No, no, more lobe-y!'

Step 2: get stuck in

Mmm, slimy.

Step 3: add detail

Dry faster! Only a few hours until the apocalyse!

Step 4: dry

Can zombies see in colour, anyway?

Step 5: paint

* Ah, I do it a disservice. I like it very much, especially now that I live in a different country to most of my friends. For some reason, I imagine most of the Twitter conversation to be taking place in Abi’s living room.


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