2 January, 2010

Hello blog. It’s been a while. I was feeling gloomy, and really, there’s already plenty of angst on the Internet without me adding to it 😉

So, here we are in 2010, my flying car is, presumably, in the post, and some traditions are worth keeping 🙂

Last year’s resolutions:

  • Learn some electronics: failed miserably, and destroyed two soldering iron tips in the process. Maybe I should stick to code…
  • Fix procrastination problem: some success. The simple tools are usually the best.

Resolutions for 2010:

  • Contribute to an OSS project. I got all this awesome software for free; I’d like to put something back, even if it’s just a few bug triages now and then.
  • Do things even if I am scared of them*. I am scared of a surprising array of not-actually-very-scary things. This is quite silly.

* I am scared of posting this, in case people call me on it. You know who you are.



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