Lahndan, innit?

3 January, 2010

I went to London for New Year’s Eve. I may never like it, but I’m learning to appreciate the Tube.

No, really. You don't want to know about The Gap.

Mind The Gap.

My mental model of London is gradually improving:

It's mostly underground, y'know.

London according to Becky



  1. your underground map is out of date. The circle line is no longer a circle 😛

    • This has already been pointed out to me (I believe the term was ‘grumble grumble big yellow paperclip grumble’).

  2. Not to mention that Heathrow has 5 terminals, the overground is orange and, crime of all crimes, Blackfriars is still open!

    Oh and you missed the second “h” in Lahndahn. 🙂

    Still, I’ve clearly been neglecting the Financial District, seems it’s party time around Bank station…

    • Heh. I wasn’t sure of the spelling, but Google assures me that either is acceptable.

      Look, London is baffling enough as it is without you adding to my confusion 😦

  3. Moving… but, so as not to upset your map, not moving so much that you need to move the “x”. ‘Kay? Xx

    • Thanks, appreciated 😉

  4. […] benches and tiles and noticeboards are original? Are the workers who installed them still alive? Where are we, anyway? How far underground? What else is down […]

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