Most people would just buy a tent.

4 February, 2010

EDIT: hello, people searching for geodesic domes! Were you looking for something bigger? Browse the geodesic dome category.

This weekend Charlie and I spent a day making a 2v geodesic dome.

Mmm, domey.

The finished article.

To make this model dome you need:

  • 65 pieces of dowel in two lengths
  • 26 pieces of wire
  • sandpaper
  • a very small drill bit
  • the skin off your knuckles*
  • some creative expletives**
How many domes are we making, again?

About 8m of dowel, cut very accurately. Ahem.

The idea of practising is so that when you are standing deliriously dehydrated in the desert, the big heap of metal bars and bolts that is supposed to be your shelter and your home does not seem so intimidating 🙂

The red stick's connected to the, blue stick. The blue stick's connected to the, other blue stick...

3D confusion

I learned that if you deliberately bolt something to a table, the table is known as a workbench from that point onwards (but accidentally drilled holes do not cause this effect).

Charlie takes lamps *very* seriously.

One man and his lamp

What do you do with a model dome, anyway? Cover it in EL wire and stick it on your wall, of course.

* provided by me
** provided by Charlie


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