PPoA #4 and #5

10 February, 2010
So many counties, so little time.

PPoA #4 and #5: Westmeath (centre) and Wicklow (east coast)

PPoA #4, County Westmeath, was represented by a trip to Athlone town* during the Great Blog Outage of ’09. The less said about Athlone the better 😉 Apparently it’s not really a postcard town, so I have a postcard of a donkey instead.

PPoA #5, County Wicklow. Since I didn’t manage to get a postcard from Glendalough, this county is represented by Charlie’s hometown Wicklow**.

Things in Wicklow:

That's some good Edge.

Looking down from the Black Castle

Artistic licence is in evidence; the sea is neither turquoise not flat.

Pier wall paintings

* while avoiding a table quiz

** pronounced “WICK-la’ ‘” by the locals


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