Don’t worry, be happy…

16 March, 2010

That said, it’s not all stress and gloom. All work and no play, etc…

  • Geocaching! While The Big Cache in Phoenix Park is always worth a visit, it has been superseded as my favourite cache by this one (and this one gets an honourable mention) for the humour of the cache containers.
  • Burning Man preparations! Well, mostly just mucking about with bits of string, working out how to cover our geodome (and the logistics of building one (or possibly two) and getting it to the desert). Our tickets have arrived. I am both excited (squee!) and scared (eeep!) and thus have invented a new word (squeeep!) to express how I feel about this. Charlie assures me that this is a perfectly acceptable response.
  • Ones and zeros! One of these days I will* finish** one of the bits of code I have started, and you’ll get a link to it. One of these has been in progress for over a year now. It’s embarrassing đŸ™‚

* might

** stop working on


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