For Mike

22 March, 2010

… and anyone else who remembers.

A building has been demolished on O’Connell Street, leaving the side of the neighbouring building exposed.

Got a few strange looks. Tourists do some strange things, but they don't usually take photos of building sites.

Chartered Land are perhaps not all that they seem.

Exit on the 2nd floor? It's a trap!

Now where have I seen that before?

Tricky Level 20 - One way digging to freedom

Oh yes, that was it.



  1. lemmings huh? It brought to mind many games (doom, portal) but not lemmings.

  2. Heyy 🙂 that’s fantastic! It’s funny because I would of never of gussed that and I was playing lemmings the other day. At the moment I’m no where near the Taxing section of the game which is probably where that level is. Did you/we ever complete it? These were the days when games were HARD!

    • Hint: the images on this blog have tooltips 😉

      No, I don’t think we ever completed it without the cheats!

      Hey, that’s not your website either…

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