Quarter past indigo

28 March, 2010

They say you can lose time. I went one better. I lost a clock.

Not any old clock, either. This clock was shiny*. It was made out of a LaserDisc, that strange offspring of the new optical storage technology and the old vinyl record format. Evidence suggests that I lost it somewhere in the move between Loughborough and Dublin. Maybe somebody ended up with it**, or maybe it just went to the same place as the bolts for my desk, Scott’s jar***, and the teddy bear pajamas I left in a motel in America aged five.

Anyway, I am not one to dwell on the loss of a clock. I made another one. In the process, I have rendered one more copy of ABBA In Concert unplayable, and thus**** done the world a favour. I personally will enjoy it much more as a clock, anyway.

That cyan-yellow-magenta stripe at the bottom wasn't visible IRL. What do you think, photography nerds, is that a camera artefact?

Mmm, shiny.

You can see from the diffraction that the data is on *this* side, but... the needle goes on top, right?


There is just one problem with this kind of clock: should I ever try to use it to actually find out the time, I will be distracted by the pretty diffraction, and will end up late for whatever it was I wanted to know the time for. I apologise in advance if this affects you.

* apart from the bit where it was labelled, as part of a vocabulary-learning exercise, in Spanish and possibly also in lojban.

** in which case, please keep it. But I would be interested to know where it went.

*** don’t ask

**** according to my maybe slightly skewed set of values.



  1. It was a good jar!
    Speaking of which, I still have about 25 jars (mostly doritos) in a bag at the bottom of a cupboard for some reason 😛

    • Nothing to do with me, guv…

      (hey, those are good jars!)

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