Flux and turmoil

1 April, 2010

Yesterday was my Official Last Day at UCD. I cleared my desk* this week somewhat gloomily. I liked UCD, and I’m sad that it didn’t work out. Mostly, though, the thought of being academically-homeless** for a while weighed heavily on my mind.

So, I got up at half past awful to catch the bus to get the tram to take the train to UL. I forgot the Internet and had to go back for it. It was raining hard and snowing simultaneously. I was damp and half-asleep and laden down with bags. I didn’t have enough cash for a cup of tea. I was feeling pretty miserable.

But then:

Howell offered me a lift from the station, so I spent my bus money on tea after all. And I went to two talks by Marian Petre, with good advice and diagrams respectively. And I had lunch with my supervisor Jim. And Marian said nice things about my proposal. And Howell’n’Jo invited Anne*** over for dinner as well. And I went swimming in UL’s excellent 50m pool. And I have a new lab****, with a computer already set up even though I’m not technically a student yet. And Howell bought a NASA-approved plant to put in it. And gave me cake.

... but only five Post-its on the walls so far

Territorial kipple installed

So, I’m feeling welcomed and looked after. Maybe this is going to be ok after all πŸ˜€

* Leave things better than you find them, eh?

** It’s not just having somewhere to spread out, heap up papers and stick Post-its. It’s the lack of access to resources: the academic publication databases, the library, the printers, the gloriously fast Internet connection without which I cannot Skype.

*** Anne is a new Lero@UL PhD student. She tried to persuade us to take up triathlon. I think the conclusion was that Howell would cycle, Jo would run and I’d do the swimming πŸ™‚

**** Described as a ‘windowless cave’. This is rather unfair; it’s pleasant enough, and there *are* windows. However, they open onto the next door lab, leaving us with no idea how hard it is raining outside. Perhaps that’s a feature.



  1. The orangey-brown glow of a freshly-installed Ubuntu desktop means only one thing: Good Stuff Will Happen Here πŸ™‚

    • I *like* Ubuntu. It’s just so very brown… 😦

      • Don’t worry – soon you’ll get a nice big red ‘upgrade’ button which, among other things, will make it go pink πŸ˜›

      • I knew I couldn’t trust that button.

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