12 April, 2010

When I write a smiley, I type the eyes first, followed by the mouth, giving : ) WordPress and other applications parse this and turn it into a yellow cartoon, which I’m fine with 🙂 But I have recently encountered several people who do it backwards, thus ( :

What’s going on here? Is my smiley style going to give away my age, as surely as doublespacing?

I have my theories about this. Let us have a very scientific survey!

EDIT: you can vote ‘Other’, but your comments won’t be visible to other voters. Please use the normal comments if you feel like explaining yourself 🙂



  1. I do them forwards too 🙂
    Often with a nose 🙂

    • For some reason, I stopped doing the nose, unless the font makes the result look really weird.

      My smileys have no nose.
      How do they smell?
      … yeah.

      • You’re both wrong (:

  2. Other: I have, up until now, only done them forwards because it never occurred to me to be awkward and do them backwards. It’ll all change from now on.

    • Nooo! Another one gone to the dark side!

  3. Writing it forwards makes more sense. Like Ax I use the noses 🙂

    I thought the new trend was to use multiple brackets for happier faces: :))))))))

    • But why does it make more sense? I think it’s just convention. Now I think of it, backward smileys require you to tip your head in the same way as reading the spine of a book, but they still look upside-down to me.

  4. Although from now on I will be working option G. Yay for subtlety. Not that smileys are in any way… oh, never mind.

    I doublespace. I like to think of it as exercise for my thumbs.

    • *squinting carefully at comment* Did you doublespace that comment and it has been HTMLed, or have I given you doublespace anxiety?

      • … the latter. *strives to resist worry*

      • The internets took out my doublespace!

      • Om nom nom nom 😀

  5. I didn’t realise that was the reason for doublespacing. I was taught to doublespace by my parents and still do it. Sentences look strange otherwise.

  6. Whats doublespacing? neever heard of it before?

    • A typing convention from the days of typewriters. There’s a link up there ^^^ I take no responsibility for hours of time lost on that site, by the way.

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