The Elephants of Administration

23 April, 2010

I went over to UL this week. As promised, here is a picture of the Silver Pencils sculpture:

Each pencil spins about, y'see

Silver Pencils Kinetic Sculpture, to the design of Peter Logan, donated by Patrick Whelan, architect

I went to UL to try to register. Unfortunately, the forms and letters I need for this have been posted to my nerdcave in Dublin, so I have to wait for them to turn up and bring them back again. This is all horribly familiar.

I tried to complete some other Limerick based errands, with little success. Particular highlights:

  • Wandering around with a map looking like a noob.
  • Asking where person X is, only to discover that I am already talking to person X.
  • Discovering that if you go up two flights of stairs in the Foundation building, you might still be only on the first floor.
  • Learning that the majority of staff are morning people, and therefore not there when I go looking for them in the afternoon.

I am not registered. I cannot print. I cannot use the VPN. I cannot take books out of the library. Were I not being looked after, I might start to feel rather fed up…



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