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17 May, 2010

At the 65daysofstatic gig, I bought this t-shirt. It’s XL and I am not, but that is not the problem here. The problem is: what on earth does it say?

The wisdom of walking about with a t-shirt with Braille on is debatable.


This is not straightforward Braille; even after reading up on grade 2 contractions I can’t make any sense of it. Perhaps this is grade 3, or not in English? This is what I have so far:

f or from or 6
e or every or 5
ë or ed
ä or ar
é or for
sh or shall
th or this
ä or ar

“Hey, nice t-shirt, what does it say?”
“65 mumble show for mumble arr!”



  1. Have you considered the possibility that it’s just a series of dots that have no meaning?

    • Yes. I have also considered the possibility that it was accidentally printed backwards or something. It starts with ’65’, though.

  2. A Braille T-Shirt.
    This could get embarrassing quickly…
    … Although anyone who can see where to put their fingers isn’t blind enough to use the braille and therefore deserves a slap 😉

    Equally the same logic is used for the Braille door signs at Lufbra 🙂 Not anywhere you would naturally put your hand while looking for the room name.

    • You may be thinking of this. Not really my style 🙂

  3. Could it be the start of “65 days of static”, i.e. “65 days of sta”… see wonderful ASCII highlighting below 🙂

    f or from or *6*
    e or every or *5*
    ë or ed ?
    ä or *a*r
    ” ?
    é or *f*or
    sh or *s*hall
    th or *t*his
    ä or *a*r

    • Well, it’s tenuous but it fits. Given their name, it makes a kind of sense. Accepted answer 🙂

  4. I think it says “I just lost the game” 😛

  5. […] an unmodified t-shirt […]

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