Pretty colours

18 May, 2010

I use LaTeX a lot for my PhD, and I wanted a way to add notes to my documents for my supervisor to read.


  • include ‘plan’ sections in blue, and ensure it’s easy to produce a document without the plans
  • include ‘citethis’ and ‘question’ reminders in red, and ensure I can find them all before submitting
  • all these things should nest as expected and not make a mess of the subsequent font colour
Don't badger me about badgers.





\begin{plan} here I will differentiate stoats \citethis
and weasels\end{plan}

Weasels are weasily recognised \question{(has this been
experimentally proven?)}, whereas stoats are stoatally

To produce a document without the plans:


To find all the red to-dos, comment out the newcommand definitions and recompile. You’ll get an error for each one you missed. Alternatively, hide them with:


I hope someone else finds this useful. If you can see any improvements, please let me know πŸ™‚


  1. Bad puns for the lose! πŸ˜›

  2. […] I have even started my literature review. It currently consists of several pages of, er, pretty colours. I think this may be an unprecedented level of […]

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