Look Ma, no shoes

19 May, 2010

I have slowly worked up to three laps (1200m) running barefoot, and it’s the highlight of the run (even better than the beach or the dirt track next to the raptor enclosure). But as I run (shod) up to the track, there’s always this moment of doubt: who else is there today and will they give me any hassle?

It turns out: Nobody gives a monkeys! 😀

  • I thought the get-fit-for-Summer runners would be all ‘eww that’s gross’. They didn’t say anything.
  • I thought the Serious Runners would think I was recovering from an injury. They didn’t ask anything.
  • I thought the lady who warms up by ballet-dancing all over the track would greet me as one slightly strange person to another. She was oblivious to my presence.
  • I thought the rugby club would hide my shoes for a joke. They didn’t.
  • I thought the schoolkids would point and laugh. They were too busy long-jumping into the sandpit.
  • I thought their parents and teachers would be upset by this blatant lack of regard for health’n’safety. They were preoccupied with discussing Grownup Stuff.
  • I was *sure* the Irish Senior Men’s Running Club would have something to say. Nope, not a peep! Guys, your reputation for Irish humour is on the line here.

So far, only one person has commented. A guy warming up on a sunny afternoon asked me if the track was too hot underfoot. No, it was lovely and warm 🙂


One comment

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