House warmed

29 May, 2010

Axlet threw a housewarming barbecue.

Actually, they have been living there a while, long enough to build a Harry Potter shrine and organise their intimidating DVD collection, but there was barbecued halloumi* so I’m not going to argue 😀

Social networking is all very well, but there’s nothing like actually catching up with the old crowd (and a few new faces) to find out who’s got a new job, who wants a new job, whose car has broken down, who is living where with whom and who’s been where doing what. I regret not taking any photos.

I discovered a general misconception that I live in Limerick. Nope, still living (and working) in my nerdcave in Dublin, making the four-hour journey over to UL every couple of weeks. So far, this seems to be working out.

It's much wobblier than that, but that's the best I can do on a touchpad.

Ireland 101

* this is excellent. It looks like it’s going to melt and disappear with a splutter, but it doesn’t. Next time, halloumi, aubergine and pineapple 🙂

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