Procrastinators unite! … tomorrow

31 May, 2010

John Perry hit the nail on the head. Structured Procrastination is awesome.

I am supposed to be writing the literature review chapter of my thesis. This meets all the requirements for effective SP, it’s a big, difficult task that I don’t really know how to tackle, and the ultimate deadline is, I dunno, 2012? 2013?

So, as a way to avoid working on it, I have been doing all sorts of useful things:

  • trying to organise a case study of some open source projects (enthusiastic initial response, fingers crossed)
  • trying to arrange an internship at a Big Company for more data collection (more fingers crossed)
  • submitting a proposal paper to a graduate consortium (now I’m running out of fingers)
  • joining LinkedIn, for purposes of Networking (please add me if I’ve not found you yet)
  • sorting out my backup system (and learning new things about Linux in the process)

Not to mention several juicy LaTeX, polymorph, music and IRC-based tangents along the way 😉

And I have even started my literature review. It currently consists of several pages of, er, pretty colours. I think this may be an unprecedented level of productivity 😀


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