13 July, 2010

So, according to my blog I have spent the last three weeks doing nothing but playing Half-Life. I should set the record straight. Here are some things I have done, seen, attended and attempted:

  • The start of the Round Ireland Yacht Race in Wicklow. This is a Big Deal for the town.

    People people everywhere

    Wicklow Harbour

  • Katha’s birthday party, featuring a personalised etched glass for everyone, pots of bubbles, a lecture on modern coffee making, a leopard gecko, a barbecue and a Supersoaker.
  • A tour of Eoghan’s new gaff. It is shiny and has a roof garden. I approve.

    ... and surprisingly peaceful

    It's pretty up here

  • Some Experimental Cooking. The latest success is Pan Fried Cajun Chickpeas. The latest failure is learning that the production of stuffed peppers cannot be optimised.
  • A trip to UL, also known as Becky Versus ITD.
  • A night out in Dublin with some of Charlie’s workmates. Shishas were smoked*, games were invented, and I didn’t get to murder anyone.
  • … and, yes, playing** Half-Life 😉

* Verdict: meh

** Well, mostly trying to understand why it keeps crashing. Sometimes I look up from strace following Wine running Steam launching Half-Life and wonder, what am I doing here?

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