Creation and destruction

15 July, 2010

It was all going so well. EMT is much easier to flatten than GRC. With regular squirts of grease and a spare bit of tube on the handle for extra leverage, the €20 Lidl vice seemed to be taking the abuse happily enough…

It's all about the leverage.

Flattening the ends of the poles in a vice

… until disaster struck:


A loud 'bop' and it's a goner.

So, back to Bob’s workshop to flatten the remaining struts in his Dome Bar Squasher™. We helped flatten some of his struts, too.

This is *much* easier.

'Ready?' 'Squash!'

What is it about labellers?


I suspect that this is Bob's One True Purpose.

Bob looking pleased

Next up: drilling the holes for the bolts. Also, fresh conduit is really messy stuff 😀


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