Dome sweet dome

18 July, 2010

The geodesic dome is a success. We made this speeded-up video of construction for your amusement:

That’s the model we made five months ago. Time flies, eh?

EDIT: the dome can be disassembled by one person in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea:



  1. fantastic

  2. Without a doubt the best Geodesic Dome construction video I’ve seen this year.

    • Why, thank you 🙂

  3. Memo to all parents/wouldbe parents
    The benefits of letting one’s child build junk models out of loo rolls and plastic straws now becomes clear. The models just become a ^bit^ bigger and rather more useful.

    • Ah, happy days. The infinite potential in the bag of junk on the back of the door, the detective work of hunting down the Sellotape, the eternal battle over custody of the Kitchen Scissors 😀

      Jazzbird: “Where Are My Kitchen Scissors??”

      Why didn’t we just get some more scissors, I wonder now?

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