Hammer time

18 July, 2010

It was all going so well, again. EMT is much easier to drill than GRC. We’d drilled a hole in one end of all 71 struts…

Charlie, taking lamps very seriously as usual.

Does cutting oil reduce the smoke or cause it?

… and built a jig to mark out where the other hole should go, and drilled 66 of those holes, when the drill made a small unhappy noise and jammed into hammer mode. Following yet another trip to Woodie’s and a fruitless* argument about consumer rights, the remaining struts were drilled in hammer mode. It’s noisy, but it works :S

Meanwhile, we gave Eoghan the lumphammer and volunteered him to hammer the ends to roughly 15°. Roughly. More or less.

Seam correctly placed and everything. Look at that.

Almost finished

* for the record, they relented and replaced the drill the next day. Muh.


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