I’m making a note here

18 July, 2010

The last step in finishing the struts is to grind the sharp edges off. But we had gloves and help (thanks Eoghan!) and an hour of daylight left, and we were impatient to see whether this was actually going to work…

Hey, I think this is going to work...

So far, so good...

The more struts you bolt together, the stronger it gets. This causes a lot of grinning and Engineering Squee*.

It works! It actually works!

Eoghan and Charlie

A final tightening and it’s done 😀 To our delight, it’s strong enough to climb on and swing from. But it’s too dark for pictures now. That will have to wait…

If you can't make a photo good, make it arty.

Getting dark

The following day, we finished the struts:

An alternative use for headphones

Thanks for the disc, Bob

* ah come on, you know exactly what I mean 😀

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